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Asya Lazo

If in the column citizenship could be written: a citizen of planet Earth, then I would have done so. I believe that borders exist only in people’s minds, that’s why I travel in time and space and with great pleasure would like to invite you for a walk around Kyiv!
Born in Western part of Ukraine – town Ternopil, I devoted most of my conscious life to Kyiv – amazing city, which stole my heart.
Sounds strange, but I realized that I belong to this particular place while living abroad, when one day in the headphones the legendary Okean Elzy were singing “Sky over Dnipro, who am I without you?”. Apparently, it was some point of no return, when I decided that living away from my homeland is interesting, but I do not want to.
So, having traveled through India, Kenya, Morocco and other countries, having lived a year in Alaska and a couple more years in the Seychelles (in the middle of the Indian Ocean), I finally came back home and I’m happy to welcome foreign guests from all over the world here, in my beloved beautiful Kyiv!
Look forward to see you, friends!

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