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Olena Borysenko

Have you ever noticed that cities live their own lives, concealing
secrets from curious passers-by? They change all the time, just like
we do. However, if you stop just for a moment and look around, you
might feel their beauty and incredibility. It happened to me once, and
I realized that I know nothing of the city I live in. And then months
followed, filled with history lessons, lectures, new books and
acquaintances, and finally – blissful trembling before my first guided
tour and appreciation of my audience for the hearty applause. Two
years have gone by since then. And today I conduct tours for children
and adults, individuals and groups up to 40 people, around Kyiv and
Ukraine. I love meeting new people as it gives food for thought, and I
very much enjoy making everyone fall in love with my country. I truly
believe that inspiration comes only from people who love what they are
doing, and I know I have found my way in this life.

Looking forward to meeting you (and maybe even inspiring)!

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