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Lyudmila Garmanchuk

Lyudmila Garmanchuk.

Graduated  and did linguistics for 4 years at university. Adore Kiev and  all its secret places. Motto of the life-study and explore. That is why no spare room in my house:books about history, architecture and religions.Try to be positive and have a positive attitude to life. Smile is what you need to MAKE contacts with different groups of people. LIKE TO COMMUNICATE. I think when someone is acquainted with Kiev he fells in love with this city. My task is to help a bit in this acquaintance.
Kiev has been melting pot for different nations for centuries. In variety of my tours I devote some of them to history of Jewish-pages of life of Jews and Holocaust (the killing of Jews and other people by the Nazis during the Second World War in Babiy Yar). Important role in the history of Kiev played Polish community. Polish address in Kiev for people who are interested. I have licence to provide tours in English in Saint Sophia (the list of Heritage).


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