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Julia Prybytkova

Hi! My name is Julia. I make guided tours in Kiev.

I love my job. As for me – it is a basic thing that you should know about someone you plan to trust your vacation.

However, I will add that I also have a degree in Ukrainian history and Law. As my beloved professor in Civil Law and 2 teen brothers like to say – I am a professional storyteller (I made it every evening from the age of 13). It means that you can believe my stories and facts. At list in half of them.

I am also a big fan of long walks in beautiful places. That is why every year I make one-week hiking in Ukrainian mountains.

I also like to make and admire art in all its forms. On the streets, in museums, in persons look, in the taste of craft beer or homemade cheese.

I love Kiev. Despite the fact that 5 years ago I left my hometown (Donetsk) because of the war conflict on the East.

I love its spirit, history, bars, parks, festivals, snowy winters and river beaches, soviet style streets, empire period buildings, opportunities, and people.

I want to share all of it with you!

It’s always better to know some crazy locals who know cities bright and dark sides.

So. It’s easy. You just need to book a tour with me and be ready for positive emotions.

See you in Kiev!

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