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Alexandra Uralova

My name is Oleksandra Uralowa, and I am a representative of the fair guild of city guides, who help you on your journey through our ancient and kind-hearted City of Kyiv, of The City just like Mikhail Bulgakov called it in his works.

I am born and raised here as a descendent of citizens in generations, medical doctors and geologists. My grandparents used to tell me a lot about the old town of Kyiv of the past decades.

I have first studied Philology, then Tour guiding, and after that History. Aside from city tours, I translate fiction and non-fiction literature into and from English, German, Czech, Polish, not to mention certain skills I have in French, Spanish, Slovak. I currently also learn Yiddish, Hebrew and Japanese. Sometimes the Muse of Literature is my guest :).

The Word, The City and The Human must be the topics I’m mostly interested in. There is nothing more exciting than to travel together, into the once bewritten, almost forgotten and lost City, and to discover it again. And can there be anything more inspiring for the guides who love their craft, than to realize their story has come to life, has touched someone’s heart, to hear people talking about your small motherland and to help them on their way to see the face of the City!

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